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Keep. It. Simple.

Customer Success is simple, it's just not easy. Join me as I share insights and best practices to help elevate the Customer Success community. Let's climb to new heights together!

About Kristi

With over a decade of experience building, scaling and transforming Customer Success teams at various hyper-growth SaaS companies, I help Customer Success Professionals, at all levels, accelerate and optimize the performance of their customer success organizations, resulting in higher retention, increased growth opportunities and customer advocacy. 


Learn More About

Customer Journey and

CS Processes

Designing your Customer Journey and need a framework to reference? My journey is built outside in with the customer at the heart of the program. Understand how to build playbooks and strategies that will boost customer outcomes.

Business Plan

Technology and Scaling

Think you're ready for a Customer Success platform? Use my assessment to determine if you are ready and then leverage my evaluation matrix to find the right solution. Deploy effectively and ensure proper adoption across the team.

Colleagues Working in Office

Building a

CS Organization

Tips and advice on creating a comprehensive approach for building a CS team. Learn how to structure a team, create the right hiring profile, build comp plans, career matrix and appropriate leverage ratios. Set your team up for success.

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