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Customer Success 

Building out your Customer Success processes and need a place to start. Leverage my tools and templates to help jump start your ideation process and to help take the guess work out of building your CS infrastructure. Come back and visit as I'll be adding more and more templates over time.

Analyzing the data


What does a healthy customer look like at your company? Is it a customer who is strongly adopting your product? Someone highly engaged? Use my sample Health Score Matrix to design your customer health score.


Customer churn is inevitable, but use this as an opportunity to learn and grow. Download my template on customer churn interview questions and make the most of the situation by asking the right questions and preventing future churn.

Online Meeting
In a Meeting


No more EBRs and QBRs! Welcome the reimagined Customer Objectives Review (COR) meeting designed to engage your customer on the content and discussion that will best support the partnership. Download my deck template now.


Design your customer journey to help your customers understand the partnership path. Highlight key activities and milestones so you can successfully embark on this journey together with the right expectations. Download this template to get started.

Planning Travels
Sport Tactics


Effectively managing your customers when they leave is as important as when they come onboard, you want to make sure their last experience with you is a positive one and that you are leaving the door open should they decide to come back. Download my Churned Customer Playbook for steps on how to manage this stage.


Starting as a new Customer Success Leader and wanting to make an impact. Download my 30 day Customer Success Leadership checklist for your week-to-week guide on managing a team, your customers, and learning the business.

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